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Establish in 2009, Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is passive component expert for world wide OEM/EMS customer and IDH(Independant Design House). Build up by top manager from famous original electronic component manufacturer and top authorize distributor. All component purchased from component manufacturer official channel, supplier from China / Hongkong / USA / Japan. 

We are mixing distributor,we hold authorized distribution ship from TDK and Samsung Electro-Mechanics,we also getting good support for following brand although we are independent reseller for those brands: KEMET, AVX, MURATA, AOZ, Panasonic, Omron, HIROSE;

We also run a 5000 square meter warehouse in Shenzhen Longgang to stock frequently use IC and passive items, value on 2 Million USD,refer to 26000 different kinds of components.

For Chinese domestic market, we have served famos OEM like SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD , TCL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY(HUIZHOU) CO., Ltd., CHENZHOU GOSPELL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.We offer flexible payment terms;for sizable clients. For International customer, we offer same component with super price to assist them to bid local European project. We also offer component to authorized distributor in same industry.

For electronic distributor customer, we able to offer C.O.C (certificate of conformance),ROHS report, fail testing report from original manufacturer.We also work closely with 3rd party testing lab to issue testing report, which to ensure the quality before customer use the components.

All our item offer same warranty period to original manufacturer offer to their distributor.for most of consumer product component(MLCC, diode,mosfet), mostly warranty time is 1 year to 2 years.

For new clients we able to handle escrow payment,for longtern business partner,welcome to visit our office and discuss custom payment terms.

In 2011,we set up our own brand of high voltage ceramic capacitor — HVC Capacitor, offering ceramic disc and doorknob capacitor in voltage 1kv to 100kv.

[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h4″]Strange Brand[/rt_heading]

We Circuit Ocean with special advance in following electronic brands,which ensure us to serve our customer in higher level.


One of Circuit Ocean director before works as sales manager in TDK South China office,bring us very strong connection to TDK China and relate distributionship, we are strong on TDK mlcc,inductor,ferrite core,we also stock big amount of TDK MLCC stock.


Although we not own Murata authroised distributionship as there is not possible to own TDK and Murata distributionship at same time,we still with strong present on Murata MLCC item by our industry resouce.


In 2012,Circuit Ocean bring new share holder(director),who before work as Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributor.and helping Circuit Ocean hold Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributionship,we not only offer to OEM/EMS customer, we also offer to samsung distributor in domestic market and international distributor.


[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h4″]Our Vision[/rt_heading]

Circuit Ocean will to be your ultimate source for ner for passive parts,Ceramic Capacitor,Film Capacitor,Tantalum Capacitor. 

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[rt_heading style=”style-4″ size=”h4″ punchline=”Milestones”]Brief History of Circuit Ocean[/rt_heading][rt_timeline id=””][rt_tl_event month=”July, ” year=”2009″]Establish of Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”December, ” year=”2011″]Start up of HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. [/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”February,” year=”2012″]Appoint as TDK capacitor distributor in South China Area.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”March,” year=”2012″]Aquired of Shenzhen LIHAI Electronic company and appoint as Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributor.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”May,” year=”2013″]Setup 5000 square meter warehouse in Shenzhen Longgang.[/rt_tl_event][/rt_timeline]
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