February 18, 2017

AVX customer service agent training materials (two)

As a professional. Tantalum capacitor manufacturer , in order to better serve the customers and Tantalum capacitor agent The application of electronic business, regularly held seminars, following the meeting you mentioned do a summary. The development of tantalum powder technology and packaging technology, effectively enhance the unit volume tantalum capacitors The capacitance and voltage. New type tantalum capacitors Smaller and larger. The new technology of tantalum capacitors are widely used in portable products, such as multimedia player, wireless network card etc.. The seminar will focus on the application of new technologies and products of tantalum capacitors in the well-known client promotion case. Songzhen Technology National Service Hotline: 400-881-3331
Q: after the failure of the capacitor short-circuit problem be solved?
AVX Distributor Answer: if you choose the capacitor properly, when short circuit capacitor failure will, in general, there are two can be considered as the manufacturer, if failure after open it, can consider the internal fuse series, the voltage and current are determined by tantalum capacitor internal fuses the. So it will be a failure after the open mode, and customers in the selection of the time, we must take into account the enough margin in the inside, if used in tantalum electric voltage under normal circumstances is very reliable.
Ask: tantalum capacitors What kind of package?
AVX Capacitor Distributor Answer: tantalum capacitor package 04020603080512063528, CDE these are the standard size, each manufacturer will adopt this size.
Q: how to explain" tantalum capacitors No time limit?
AVX Distributor Answer: all have a tantalum capacitor is used within the limited life depends on its material is dielectric material and the layout of the material, has a limited life, because it uses the electrolyte, the electrolyte with the use of the length of time evaporation caused by electrolysis, if evaporation finished, it will expire, so it there will be a life, because it is a solid tantalum electrolytic capacitor, all the materials, and electrode materials are solid materials, so is relatively stable, as long as in the normal condition, theoretically there is no limit of life.
Q: in the audio circuit MP3, mobile phone, how much is the most commonly used capacity?
Answer: AVX Distributor in the audio circuit MP3, mobile phone, the most commonly used capacity from 10UF to 220UF, in fact, copycat mobile phone machine which is used in 33UF, mobile phone if you want to have a better sound effect, suggestions tantalum capacitor using 100UF or 220UF, you can select the VISHAY 298D series, because the like the apple mobile phone Samsung mobile phone series are in use, is one of the most commonly used products.
Q: a lot of places about capacitors, often length of honor, the concept of many. If the expert's own words, the role of capacitance is how to use the least words or expressions?
AVX Distributor A: if using simple words to summarize, is energy storage and filtering.
Q: the interference of large capacity tantalum capacitor can effectively suppress the transient voltage in the hot swap area? KEMET tantalum capacitor agent
AVX Distributor answer: the voltage of the capacitor is a continuous current mode, you can instantly change, but the current voltage moment is not allowed to change, it is a continuous mode, so make it a transient voltage suppression of words, a bit far fetched, if that is to suppress the transient current, can as an ideal device for tantalum capacitors.
Ask: Vishay The liquid tantalum capacitor energy products using the SuperTan package design technology, can introduce the advantage of this design?
AVX Distributor: Vishay The company is part of the liquid tantalum capacitor Super Tan encapsulation technology, packaging technology is a small program that liquid tantalum capacitor, it is actually taken some high density version to do a shell technology, can be used in some high temperature situations, suggested that the choice of Vishay 134D liquid tantalum capacitors.
Q: the same capacity tantalum capacitors Whether Aluminum electrolytic capacitor The resistance is smaller, the filtering effect is better?
AVX Distributor A: Yes, the same tantalum capacitor capacity is less resistance than aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
Q: Excuse me The main failure modes of tantalum capacitors What is the new type? Tantalum capacitors are not improved?
AVX the answer: at present, tantalum capacitor failure mode is short, this pattern of engineers, there is a kind of harm, so we have a fuse tantalum capacitors That made the open mode, it is from our manufacturers in terms of the new technology of tantalum capacitors.

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