February 18, 2017

AVX customer service agent training materials

Q: voltage tantalum capacitor to choose whether reducing the amount of 50%?

AVX agent Answer: the blood pressure in almost fifty percent tantalum electric, generally in the field of industrial use, may be a conservative is fifty percent, but in the field of mobile phone including some portable products, because of its size requirements in response to relatively conservative, it will generally take sixty percent to seventy, which is according to the size of the specific capacity analysis.

Ask: tantalum capacitors Size or larger compared with the MLCC, ask what the specific advantages of tantalum capacitors? Whether the filtering effect is good?
Answer: AVX agent when the same capacitor, tantalum is much bigger than MLCC, its advantages are mainly in large volume, it Wave filtering The effect will be much better. Is this two products relatively, tantalum can achieve greater capacity, relative to the other effect will be better, also can do ML although capacity is relatively large, but not as big as tantalum electric capacity.

Ask: tantalum capacitors Specific applications where? Can you?
Answer: AVX agent application of tantalum capacitors is very wide, from the above industry, like power module, power supply equipment of electricity, can be applied to some tantalum capacitors, in addition to these, we are closely related to some consumer electronics and class, such as an LCD TV, mobile phone, wireless network card and, like GPS and can also be used in automotive electronics, tantalum capacitors, tantalum capacitors, so basically is everywhere.

Q: Please dry wet tantalum capacitors compared with the same specifications, what type of low price?
AVX agent A: wet tantalum and tantalum capacitor is fully used in different places, wet tantalum capacitors used in some special occasions, such as oil exploration and some special military field, tantalum capacitors The main if applications in some fields, like electronic consumer products, their price is completely unable to contrast, wet tantalum capacitors in the price range is relatively large, but the relative price of tantalum capacitors is cheaper, the wet capacitor each batch purchase quantity will be small, sometimes even a few a few you can buy, but it is bought on batches of tantalum capacitors, so their price is no way to peer.

Ask: tantalum capacitors Whether there may be a small volume?
AVX the answer: This is possible now. tantalum capacitors The smallest size we can do 0402, but its capacity also can be done relatively large, with the continuous improvement of technology, its size is also smaller.

Q: will the card for large capacitors and Super capacitor Compared to what is the difference between them, which has more advantages?
AVX agent Answer: VISHAY capacitor Compared with the super capacitor, there are three main aspects of the advantages, the first is the size of the above advantages, VISHAY will be very small than the super capacitor , especially for USB wireless network card, this is a great advantage. Second is the VISHAY of the product is completely can be affixed, but the super capacitor is needed for hand soldering, in mass production, may have super capacitor will be affected to some degree, the third is the problem of the price, as far as I know, tantalum single is much cheaper than the super capacitor, so the advantages of our tantalum capacitor is great.

Q: what is the biggest advantage of application of tantalum capacitors?
Answer: AVX agent is the biggest advantage of tantalum capacitor has no age limit, the other is the high value of CV, is a high capacity and voltage ratio, voltage capacity ratio is very high, as well as the package is the advantage of it, the minimum can be 0402 small package.

Q: what is the tantalum capacitor temperature and high frequency range?
Answer: if the AVX agent is a solid tantalum capacitor, its temperature is 55 degrees from negative to positive 125 degrees, with the increase of temperature, the voltage will be attenuated if the temperature is 100 degrees, the voltage is 6.3 volts, it may be to increase 0.9 to 125 degrees, if you the pressure drop, there will be lower, are described in the specification, as for the high-frequency characteristics, this depends on how much is the frequency there is some changes. In general tantalum capacitor frequency, with the increase of frequency, capacity is not particularly large, like the other ESR value will have some changes in X.

Ask: tantalum capacitors and MLCC The difference in the application?
AVX agent A: tantalum capacitor and MLCC are two kinds of completely different capacitor dielectric material is completely different, the MLCC is folded, and the tantalum capacitor is a whole, Diecheng way is current in voltage or by , there will be noise, there is a mechanical resonance the physical phenomenon, about MLCC than the equivalent series resistance value is far lower than that of tantalum capacitors, but now MLCC technology is not able to completely replacetantalum capacitors In the above, do not solute, so the tantalum capacitor has a great advantage in terms of large capacitance.

Q: compared with solid liquid tantalum and tantalum, the price should have the advantage of it?
Answer: AVX agent liquid and solid tantalum is completely different, and the performance parameters are completely different, so can not be used to replace liquid tantalum solid electrolytic tantalum solid electrolytic tantalum lattice, relative liquid tantalum will be much cheaper.

Q: what is the capacity of the wireless network card often chose the capacitance?
Answer: the AVX wireless network card with special capacity, is dominated by 2200UF, now also by 1000UF and 1500UF, the three values in the wireless network card will use the above, 2200UF is currently the most used.

Q: application of tantalum capacitor can improve the performance of anti electrostatic interference chip?
Answer: AVX agent from manufacturers in terms of storage capacitor only filter, a relationship between the antistatic chip with your antistatic grade, I want to talk to the capacitance of the relationship is not particularly large.

Q: the capacitance of the same specification, A type, B type or good?
Answer: the same capacitance AVX agent specifications, if there is space restrictions, of course choose A type, A type is a little bit, there are also other restrictions, such as ESR and ripple current, of course it is larger. ESR and Ripple current Will be a little smaller.

Q: single tantalum capacitor can provide the maximum current is how much?
AVX agent Answer: single tantalum capacitors The current can provide much, in fact this is a very broad issue, the maximum current that can resist ripple current much, this is a question that we care about , equivalent capacitance and series resistance have a certain relationship, also has certain relations with the capacity, for example, application in the wireless network card, it is required for the current, we have a series of 592D, say 6.3 volts, 2200uf, this time can provide the maximum Ripple current 2.3 amperes.


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