February 18, 2017

Identification and application of KEMET organic tantalum capacitors

Sure there are a lot of friends will ask, since the two kinds of tantalum capacitor spreads so big, and so the performance gap, can we see the graphics are on the small soybean (Japan's tantalum capacitor is generally small black beans), then how do we know eye gold?

The first production of tantalum MnO2 capacitors manufacturers a lot, but can produce tantalum polymer capacitor manufacturers is not much, we can see there are three companies, two from the United States ——KEMET and AVX, and a Japanese SANYO, but SANYO's polymer tantalum capacitor is black, and no special the flag, when you see the graphics used on the tantalum capacitor black, can only expect the conscience of the graphics card manufacturers, not replace tantalum capacitors with ordinary polymer tantalum MnO2 capacitors. KEMET agent

If the graphics card with a small bean, if he or tantalum polymer capacitor will only be AVX and KEMET products. The AVX product line in only one of the TCJ series is a tantalum polymer capacitor (see below), pay attention to electrical content have a little LOGO similar to the word "A", which represents the product of AVX company, and in 476 the numbers after a J word, on behalf of the TCJ series. It is said that if you find the word A in small soybean LOGO saw a big "J" then it is likely that polymer tantalum capacitor AVX. However, the performance of TCJ series is not very ideal, the price is very high, so it is rarely used in graphics cards, we focus on the KEMET another tantalum capacitor manufacturers on.

Tantalum polymer series product line KEMET long, T52X (T520 525 T528) series, and T530 series are coupled with polymer tantalum capacitor, capacitor tantalum MnO2 many kinds of people, recognition is a headache. But never mind, we see below:

 KEMET polymer tantalum capacitor

KO represents the polymer capacitor of KEMET products, the 157 represents the capacity of 150UF, representing 6 of rated voltage down is 6V, next to the long China like word "zone" is actually the K on behalf of KEMET, identification number. The following 512 represents the production date is the twelfth week of 2005. The most important of our consumers is "KO" two words, these two letters on behalf of you to buy complexes with poly tantalum capacitor.

But if there is no "KO" represents what you buy is not the polymer tantalum capacitor do, the answer is negative, such as your super good luck, found that the tantalum polymer capacitor has the following pattern on the card if you have a KM capacitor above represents you to buy to more expensive KEMET multi anode polymer tantalum capacitor T530 series, this guy create the electrolytic capacitor ESR lowest ——4 ohm. Where M represents MULTI, Italy Si multianode.

 KEMET tantalum capacitor

In addition to KEMET and T525 and T528 series polymer tantalum capacitor, but they have a common characteristic, is the upper capacitor must have two letters, pay attention to certain letters, such as T525's "KT", and T528 is "FD", if not two letters or even a letter plus a symbol are not representative of the tantalum polymer capacitor of KEMET company. KEMET agent

See, KEMET ultra low ESR tantalum capacitor T510 series of manganese dioxide much like polymer tantalum capacitor, but it is the only sign a letter with a plus sign, no two letter, we don't make the mistake of Feng Jing when the horse cool.

 KEMET tantalum capacitor application

View identification KEMET Whether the small soybean tantalum polymer capacitor is actually very simple, as long as the top capacitor symbol is the two letter is OK KEMET (of course, there is a high capacitance tantalum MnO2 T498 series capacitor, the top mark is two letters of ——HT, but the capacitor color is black, and with a special way you may not see, so not in we discuss the range)

The application of polymer tantalum
Past times

    Look at our old card manufacturer (DIAMOND) what the capacitor used in the manufacture of the most classic VOODOO: around the tantalum MnO2 capacitor MONSTER 3D, is the dream of the card game player

 KEMET tantalum capacitor application

The past: the old card
NV 9600, 8800, 9800 series of male version using tantalum capacitor and capacitor aluminum polymer polymer mixed form. Below is the public version of the power filter capacitor near NVIDIA 8800GT, using SANYO POSCAP series polymer tantalum capacitor

 Application of 2 KEMET tantalum capacitor

Now the public version: 8800GT card
All of the KEMET T520 series 2.5V and 16V two kinds of polymer tantalum capacitor card. Don't know what time can lead to the real history, the tantalum polymer capacitor really close to the general public, let the old king hall swallows, flying into the homes of ordinary people the future: the whole KEMET tantalum capacitor card.

 Application of KEMET520 series

The above is from Taiwan, Pei polymer capacitor card brand 9600GT tantalum, type 9600GT, we can look at that guy a few large KEMET's son 16V 150UF product polymer tantalum capacitor, "KO" above two mark obviously.

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