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AVX Stocking Distributor for Tantalum Capacitors | Circuit Ocean Int’ Co.

We Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is professional AVX tantalum capacitor stocking distributor, tantalum capacitor supplier,Surface Mount Tantalum Capacitor,smallest" tantalum capacitor,Highest CV 0603 Tantalum Capacitor ,place of origin : Czech Republic, avx Tantalum Capacitor MnO2,Avx tantalum capacitors Price‎,tantalum capacitors Original Avx Smd,SMD AVX Tantalum Capacitors‎...

KEMET Stocking Distributor for Tantalum Polymer Capacitors | Circuit Ocean Int’ Co.

Circuit Ocean International co.,ltd is professional KO-Conductive-Polymer - Kemet,KO-CAP® (Polymer) ,Kemet Aluminum Surface Mount Capacitors A700,High Voltage Polymer Aluminum & Tantalum Capacitors ,T521 Series Polymer Capacitors,POLYMER TANTALUM CHIP CAPACITORS,KEMET Organic Capacitor - T545 Series Polymer Tantalum,KEMET Surface Mount Capacitor Catalog...

KEMET Distributor for Tantalum Capacitor | Circuit Ocean Int’ Co.

Circuit Ocean International co.,ltd is professional Kemet tantalum capacitor stock distributor,Solid Tantalum MnO2 Capacitors,S​urface Mount Tantalum MnO2 Capacitors,Standard Tantalum. T491 Series,Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors,world's largest user of tantalum, KEMET,Failure Analysis of Tantalum Capacitors,KEMET SMD Tantalum Capacitors,Kemet T491 Series Tantalum Capacitors ,T495 Low ESR Tantalum Capacitors

Murata Authorized Distributor for Murata Emi Filters, Murata Saw Filters | Circuit Ocean Int’ Co.

Circuit Ocean International co.,Ltd is Official / Authorized Murata Distributor in China /Hongkong. We offer full line of EMI Suppression Filters,EMC and Noise Suppression, Noise Suppression Products / EMI Suppression Filters / ESD for AC Power Lines Murata,SMD/BLOCK Type EMI Suppression Filters "EMIFIL", Murata Saw filter,DSS Lead Type EMI Filter,MURATA, Power Line Filter,Murata - Basics of EMI Filters | Capacitor | Electronic Filter