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Murata Authorized Distributor for Multi-layer Chip Capacitor | Circuit Ocean Int' Co.

Circuit Ocean International is Authorized Distributor of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in Hongkong and South China region. Mr.Roy Wong is our product manger for this brand, In South China Area we have subsidiary – "Shenzhen Lihai Electronic Company" .We keep regular stock of 5,000,000$ value regular Samsung SMD Capacitor / MLCC item.We wildely sell to other famous EMS/OEM client like  SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD , TCL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY(HUIZHOU) CO., Ltd., CHENZHOU GOSPELL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We also provide to Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributor in local and even to Korea. We have direct sales windows in electronic Market specilized for Samsung SMD Capacitors. 

We are also available to offer Murata MLCC item from official channel,and keep big amount of stock Murata MLCC item,every component able to source back to original manufacturer.

We Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is passive component distributor expert for world wide OEM/EMS customer and IDH(Independant Design House). Build up by top manager from famous original electronic component manufacturer and top authorize distributor. All component purchased from component manufacturer official channel, supplier from China / Hongkong / USA / Japan. Welcome to check image for our strong brand and simply "search" for our carried item.




Why people buy Murata MLCC product from Circuit Ocean Company ?

  • Circuit Ocean offer wholesaler price(OEM/EMS price) to every single customer, much better price than Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14.
  • Circuit Ocean provide ulmost service become longterms partner ,while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 with no service and no relationship.
  • Circuit Ocean provide technical support(from original manufacturer) while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't.
  • Circuit Ocean provide flexible payment way and even financial support to customer,keep stock in advance for longrun order while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't. 


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Reference of Murata Multi-Layer Capacitors: 

Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

Murata offers the No. 1 most abundant lineup in the industry, responding to all possible needs, and proposing ideal solutions.
Continuing to evolve as the world's No.1 manufacturer of monolithic ceramic capacitor.

Selection Guide For Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors


Achieves large-capacity and small size in a multilayer structure.


For General Purpose GRM Series

■ Features 1. Higher resistance of solder-leaching due to the Ni-barriered termination, applicable for reflow-soldering, and flow-soldering (GRM18/21/31 type only). 2. The GRM series is a lead free product. 3. Smaller size and higher capacitance value. 4. High reliability and no polarity. 5. Excellent pulse response and noise reduction due to the low impedance at high frequency. 6. The GRM series is available in paper or embossed tape and reel packaging for automatic placement. Bulk case packaging is also available for GRM15/ 18/21(T=0.6,1.25). 7. TA replacement.

■ Applications General electronic equipment


Size(mm) 0.25×0.125mm – 5.7×5.0mm
Rated Voltage 2.5Vdc – 3150Vdc
Capacitance 0.10pF – 330µF
Main applications 1. Rated voltage 100V Max.
High Dielectric Constant Type・・・For decoupling and smoothing circuits
Temperature Compensating Type・・・For tuning circuits,oscillating circuits,and high frequency filter circuits
2. Rated voltage 200V min.
High Dielectric Constant Type・・・For clamp snubber circuits and smoothing circuits
Temperature Compensating Type・・・Power supply damper snubber



Ideal for powertrains and safety devices in automotive. This product can be used for safety devices, such as the drive system control for engine ECU, air bags, and ABS. This product has cleared test conditions more severe than that of general products (GRM Series) even in temperature cycle and humidity load tests. Can be used at 125 ºC and 150 ºC temperatures. We also offer a lineup for 150 ºC that can be used in the engine room. Sn plating is applied to the external electrodes; excellent solderability.



General Purpose GRM Series
Maximum operating temperature:
125 ºC

GCM Series for automotive
Maximum operating temperature:150℃


Test Method

Test Method

Temperature Cycle

Temperature Cycle:5 cycles

Temperature Cycle:100 cycles (1,000 cycles for AEC-Q200 conforming products)

Humidity Loading

Test temperature: 40±2℃
Test humidity: 90~95%RH
Test time: 500 hours

Test temperature: 85±2℃
Test humidity: 80~85%RH
Test time: 500 hours (1,000 hours for AEC-Q200 conforming products)