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Circuit Ocean International co.,Ltd is Official / Authorized Murata Distributor in China /Hongkong. We offer full line of EMI Suppression Filters,EMC and Noise Suppression, Noise Suppression Products / EMI Suppression Filters / ESD for AC Power Lines Murata,SMD/BLOCK Type EMI Suppression Filters "EMIFIL", Murata Saw filter,DSS Lead Type EMI Filter,MURATA, Power Line Filter,Murata - Basics of EMI Filters | Capacitor | Electronic Filter

Murata Authorized Distributor for Murata Emi Filters, Murata Saw Filters 

Circuit Ocean International is Authorized Distributor of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in Hongkong and South China region. Mr.Roy Wong is our product manger for this brand, In South China Area we have subsidiary – "Shenzhen Lihai Electronic Company" .We keep regular stock of 5,000,000$ value regular Samsung SMD Capacitor / MLCC item.We wildely sell to other famous EMS/OEM client like  SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD , TCL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY(HUIZHOU) CO., Ltd., CHENZHOU GOSPELL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We also provide to Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributor in local and even to Korea. We have direct sales windows in electronic Market specilized for Samsung SMD Capacitors. 

We are also available to MURATA item from official channel,and keep big amount of Murata item stock,every component able to source back to original manufacturer.

We Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is passive component distributor expert for world wide OEM/EMS customer and IDH(Independant Design House). Build up by top manager from famous original electronic component manufacturer and top authorize distributor. All component purchased from component manufacturer official channel, supplier from China / Hongkong / USA / Japan. Welcome to check image for our strong brand and simply "search" for our carried item.




Why people buy Murata Filters product from Circuit Ocean Company ?

  • Circuit Ocean offer wholesaler price(OEM/EMS price) to every single customer, much better price than Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14.
  • Circuit Ocean provide ulmost service become longterms partner ,while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 with no service and no relationship.
  • Circuit Ocean provide technical support(from original manufacturer) while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't.
  • Circuit Ocean provide flexible payment way and even financial support to customer,keep stock in advance for longrun order while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't. 


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Reference of Murata EMI Filters,Murata Saw Filters : 

Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

Murata Electronics is the largest supplier of Passive Components and the premiere source for EMI Filtering Solutions!

1. Murata offers the broadest noise suppression products and advanced testing methods in the industry.

 First manufacturer of chip ferrite beads.

 Highly experienced R&D team testing major applications using the most sophisticated techniques.

 Unique noise suppression components based on the experience gained from solving distinct noise suppression problems.

2. Vertically integrated materials development leads to superior finished products.

3. Excellent customer support provided by our broad sales and engineering team.


Ferrite Beads – "BLM" series

Advantages: Advantages:

 Broadest selection in the industry of various sizes and electrical characteristics.

 Largest production capacity offers superior delivery and cost effectiveness.

 Innovative technology , knowledge and experience for solving noise concerns.


Common Mode Choke Coil – “DLW” / “DLP” series

Advantages: Advantages:

 Largest variety of solutions for the most popular applications.

 Improvement in noise suppression performance over discreet component solutions.

 Experienced R&D team continuously evaluates solutions for new industry standards.

 Vast production capacity offers superior delivery and cost effectiveness.


Terminal Capacitor – “NFM” series for Power Lines

Advantages: Advantages:

 Innovative three terminal construction with middle ground termination.

 Greatly improved noise suppression performance over two terminal chip capacitor.

 Experienced R&D team continuously evaluates solutions for new industry standards


  • SAW Components for non-mobile 
  • Filters
  • Murata offers a variety of standard, custom bandpass, and narrowband front-end filters for a wide range of wireless applications.
  • Available in 40 MHz to 2.7 GHz operating frequencies
  • Feature a wide range of bandwidths, low insertion loss, low amplitude and group delay ripple, small size and high out-of-band rejection
  • Available in a variety of non-leaded SMP ceramic packages and a TO39-3 leaded package


  • SAW Components for non-mobile 
  • Resonators

      Murata Resonators include Single-port and Dual-port types and are designed to be the frequency control elements in transmitters

  • Available in 300 MHz to 1 GHz operating frequencies.
  • They achieve tight center frequency tolerances as low as +/- 50 kHz and provide maximum temperature performance (quartz-stabilized devices).
  • They are available in a variety of non-leaded SMP ceramic packages and a TO39-3 leaded package.


LC Balun


Balun is the component for converting balanced transmission line and unbalanced transmission line each other.Murata delivers high performance LTCC packaged product by multilayer ceramics integration technology.

LC Diplexers

LC Diplexers

LC Diplexer is the component with branch circuit for 2 different frequency bands using 1 antenna. The frequency is devided into 2 path at receiving circuit, and 2 frequency is combined into 1 path at transmitting circuit.
Murata delivers high performance LTCC packaged product by multilayer ceramics integration technorogy.