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Circuit Ocean Int' is Authorized Distributor of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in Hongkong and Southern China. Mr.Roy Wong is our product manger for this brand, In South China Area we have subsidiary - "Shenzhen Lihai Electronic Company" , 삼성전기 뉴스 섬네일,General & High Cap | Capacitor - SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS,Samsung Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor,Samsung Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - Datasheet catalog

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Samsung Electro-Mechanics Authorized Distributor | Circuit Ocean Int Co.


Circuit Ocean International is Authorized Distributor of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in Hongkong and South China region. Mr.Roy Wong is our product manger for this brand, In South China Area we have subsidiary – "Shenzhen Lihai Electronic Company" .We keep regular stock of 5,000,000$ value regular Samsung SMD Capacitor / MLCC item.We wildely sell to other famous EMS/OEM client like  SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD , TCL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY(HUIZHOU) CO., Ltd., CHENZHOU GOSPELL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We also provide to Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributor in local and even to Korea. We have direct sales windows in electronic Market specilized for Samsung SMD Capacitors.



We are available to offer customer various official document from Samsung Electro-Mechanics,C.O.C ,Rohs report,MSDS report,Material Declaration Data Sheet,Testing report.every component able to source back to original manufacturer.



We Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is passive component distributor expert for world wide OEM/EMS customer and IDH(Independant Design House). Build up by top manager from famous original electronic component manufacturer and top authorize distributor. All component purchased from component manufacturer official channel, supplier from China / Hongkong / USA / Japan. Welcome to check image for our strong brand and simply "search" for our carried item.




Why customer should buy Samsung Electro-Mechanics product from Circuit Ocean Company ?

  • Circuit Ocean offer wholesaler price(OEM/EMS price) to every single customer, much better price than Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14.
  • Circuit Ocean provide ulmost service become longterms partner ,while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 with no service and no relationship.
  • Circuit Ocean provide technical support(from original manufacturer) while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't.
  • Circuit Ocean provide flexible payment way and even financial support to customer,keep stock in advance for longrun order while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't. 


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Reference of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Multi-Layer Capacitors: 

The LCR division product line includes multilayer ceramic capacitors, tantalum, polymer tantalum, inductors, beads, filters, resistors, crystals, and crystal oscillators. Within each of these product families, SEMCO offers advanced products for a variety of application specific solutions. SEMCO is an industry leader in material and new technology development which is exemplified in the innovative MLCC product line. SEMCO offers the world’s highest capacitance values in the smallest size. SEMCO LCR division has number one market share in consumer electronics.Samsung Electro-Mechanics America, Inc – Samsung Electro Mechanics (SEMCO) was established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Samsung Corporation. SEMCO is a global leader supplying passive components in multiple industry sectors. SEMCO consists of four divisions: optical & mechatronics, circuit drive, advanced circuit interconnect, and LCR. SEMCO has manufacturing presence in five countries and direct sales presence in over fifteen countries.

This means that almost every person in the world is using a SEMCO passive component in some aspect of their lives. This includes mobile phones, televisions, GPS, notebook computers, medical monitoring devices, white goods, lighting, and many more! SEMCO's rapid growth is attributed to market leading technology, strong cost competitiveness, and fast & accurate determination.

CIB and CIM Series Chip Beads 

Signal-line EMI suppression filters from Samsung Electro-Mechanics

The CIB and CIM series from Samsung Electro-Mechanics are used for EMI suppression filters in a signal line. These beads suppress EMI noise by increased impedance, especially by increased resistance at noise frequency. Also, the CIV series has high impedance in a GHz band and suppress GHz. Applications include high-frequency EMI prevention applicable to computers, printers, VCRs, TVs, and mobile phones, as well as suppression of noise in power lines.


  • Smallest chip beads suitable for surface mounting
  • Perfect shape for automatic mounting, with no directionality
  • Excellent solderability and high heat resistance for both flow and reflow soldering
  • Monolithic inorganic material construction for high reliability
  • A closed magnetic circuit configuration avoids crosstalk and is suitable for high-density PCBs     


Chip Resistors and Arrays

Highly reliable and safe ultra-small resistors and arrays from Samsung

Image of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Chip Resistors and Arrays

Samsung Electro-Mechanics manufactures highly reliable, ultra-small SMD resistors and arrays. Chip resistors are passive components which are useful for reducing voltage and controlling currents. The Samsung family of resistors utilizes thick film and state-of-the-art technology to meet customer requirements. Production capacity is being expanded as demand for small size, lightweight electronic devices increases.

The RP series is the most widely-used convex-type array, used in various end products. To deal with decreased mounting space resulting from higher performance requirements and minimization of board size, as well as to improve pick-and-place productivity, demand is growing for alternate solutions to single-chip devices. The SEMCO RP series was initially developed for Memory Module producers and has excellent quality and resistance stability.

The RN series is a concave-type array with electrodes formed in concave parts. The RN series has higher body strength than the RP series, and is more resistant to external impact. The SEMCO RN series was also originally developed for Memory Module producers, who preferred the concave termination design for their particular pick-and-place and solder processes.

The RF series is an ultra-small array type, made up of two or four 0603 (EIA 0201) size chip resistors in one array. The RF series is also known as Flat Type, with termination electrodes on the flat, un-castellated sides. This product permits very-high resistive product component density.


CIH and CIG Series Chip Inductors

High-frequency inductors and multilayer power inductors from Samsung

Image of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' CIH and CIG Series Chip Inductors

The Samsung Electro-Mechanics CIH series is a high-frequency inductor. It is composed of a ceramic body using glass material and internal and external electrodes using Ag and plated with Ni and Sn. It has high Q and impedance at high-frequency ranges so it is available at high frequency over 100 MHz.

The CIG series is a multilayer power inductor with power efficiency, low DCR, high Q, and low ripple. This series is particularly well suited for portable electronics (cellular phones, PDAs, notebooks, computers) because of small package footprint and low weight.


Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Samsung's high capacitance MLCCs are high-end products in terms of capacitance

Image of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Samsung's high capacitance MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) are high-end products in terms of capacitance to accommodate the trends in the electronic industry towards convergence, multi-function, and miniaturization. In this subcategory, we cover 100 nF ~ 220 μF depending on the case size. The available capacitance range is expanding year by year, particularly with focus on smaller LCCs, with continuous R&D of the core technologies for thinner layers.


  • High capacitance line-up up to 220 μF
  • Temperature characteristics of X5R, X6S, X7R, X7S, and Y5V
  • Highly reliable performance due to advanced technology to form thin dielectric and inner electrode layers


  • Decoupling and smoothing performance
  • General electronic equipment: PC, mobile phone, TV, LCD, DC-DC converter, DSC, and more