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Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is TDK authorized distributors in South China and Hongkong area. We offer full line of TDK Inductors (Coils) | Products ,SMT Power Inductors,TDK SMD Inductor(Coils),MLP Series Multilayer Ferrite Power Inductor,TDK INDUCTOR MULTILAYER 6.8UH,TDK Inductor Power Shielded Wirewound,SMD TDK Inductor,TDK Magnetic Components...

TDK Authorized Distributor for Indctor | Circuit Ocean Int Co.

Circuit Ocean International is Authorized Distributor of TDK in Hongkong and South China region. Mr.Roy Wong is our product manger for this brand, In South China Area we have subsidiary – "Shenzhen Lihai Electronic Company" .We keep regular stock of 5,000,000$ value regular Samsung SMD Capacitor / MLCC item.We wildely sell to other famous EMS/OEM client like  SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD , TCL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY(HUIZHOU) CO., Ltd., CHENZHOU GOSPELL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We also provide to Samsung Electro-Mechanics distributor in local and even to Korea. We have direct sales windows in electronic Market specilized for Samsung SMD Capacitors. 

We are also available to offer TDK Inductor item from official channel,and keep big amount of stock TDK Inductor item,every component able to source back to original manufacturer.


We Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is passive component distributor expert for world wide OEM/EMS customer and IDH(Independant Design House). Build up by top manager from famous original electronic component manufacturer and top authorize distributor. All component purchased from component manufacturer official channel, supplier from China / Hongkong / USA / Japan. Welcome to check image for our strong brand and simply "search" for our carried item.




Why people buy TDK Inductor product from Circuit Ocean Company ?

  • Circuit Ocean offer wholesaler price(OEM/EMS price) to every single customer, much better price than Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14.
  • Circuit Ocean provide ulmost service become longterms partner ,while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 with no service and no relationship.
  • Circuit Ocean provide technical support(from original manufacturer) while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't.
  • Circuit Ocean provide flexible payment way and even financial support to customer,keep stock in advance for longrun order while Digikey,Mouser,Avnet,Element14 won't. 


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Reference of TDK  corporation: 

TDK Corporation (Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo) was established in December 1935 with the aim of becoming the world's first commercial manufacturer of the magnetic material ferrite. TDK, since then, has continued ceaselessly to turn out a variety of products and services making use of its materials technology, centering on ferrite and ceramics, and processing technology, which draws out the properties of materials to the maximum degree. The founding spirit of TDK, "contribute to culture and industry through creativity," continues to this day to pulsate throughout the company.

TDK inductor

Nice to meet you! I’m an inductor, one of electronic components.You may wonder what exactly electronic components are. Actually they are indispensable items because electronic devices commonly used in cell phones, PC's, TV sets, game machines, and so on are made up of electronic components. Among them, inductors are a group of hard workers, performing a variety of tasks—and we’re getting busier and busier with the advent of the ubiquitous society in which people can easily access a mass of information at any time and any place. Now let me introduce the members of our inductor world and describe the excellent jobs they are doing!

An inductor is actually just another name for a coil. Inductors are known as such because, to use a technical term, they have inductive properties. That is, it can be observed that when an electric current flows through a coil, it produces a magnetic What really is an inductor? field; or when a magnetic field passes through a coil, it produces an electric current.

A coil is a long wire that is wound around and around, many many turns. An electric current flowing through the coil can produce magnetic field lines just like a magnet.

When a magnet is moved back and forth through a coil, an electric current flows through the coil. This is because the coil makes an electric current so that it can produce an opposing magnetic field to counteract the magnetic field produced by the magnet.

More magnetic field lines are produced when a core is placed inside a coil. This is because the core has the power to concentrate the magnetic field lines. The capability of producing magnetic field lines is referred to as inductance (L). TDK’s specialty is to develop core materials having larger magnetic permeability(μ), that is, materials that can concentrate more magnetic field lines.

Function of inductors:

Function of coils depends on signal frequencies. This is because the higher the frequency, the less easily the signal flows.

Coils can store electrical energy in a form of magnetic energy using the property that an electric current flowing through a coil produces a magnetic field, which in turn produces an electric current. In other words, coils offer a means of storing energy on the basis of inductivity (reactive magnetic flux).

Voltage regulating converters are stabilized when used in combination with inductors that can store magnetic energy, capacitors that can store electric energy, and a switch

Various types of inductors:

Signal inductors, wire-wound type

Signal inductors are the basic TDK inductors. They have small transmission loss (low resistance), featuring a large current-handling capacity and high accuracy (narrow tolerance), thus providing a rich lineup that can satisfy the specifications of our customers.

Signal inductors, multilayer type

It was TDK who developed the world’s first inductors without winding. TDK has also developed high-frequency glass ceramic inductors and the low-transmission loss “Gigaspiral Multilayer Structure.”

Power inductors, wire-wound type

TDK have developed special power inductors based on a newly designed unique structure, where a drum core is sandwiched by two V-shaped cores, thus successfully achieving a large current capacity and reduction in calorific loss.

Noise suppression components, thin-film type

TDK has commercialized thin-film common mode filters to meet the demand for smaller and thinner electronic devices, forming thin-film of high flux density ferrite material and high-resolution pattern thin film coils on the basis of state-of-the-art nanotechnology


Family of inductors for various applications