TDK Capacitors,TDK ferrite beads,TDK Inductor

TDK Capacitor,TDK Ferrite beads,TDK Inductor

TDK Authorized Distributor for Inductor | Circuit Ocean Int’ Co.

Circuit Ocean International Co.,Ltd is TDK authorized distributors in South China and Hongkong area. We offer full line of TDK Inductors (Coils) | Products ,SMT Power Inductors,TDK SMD Inductor(Coils),MLP Series Multilayer Ferrite Power Inductor,TDK INDUCTOR MULTILAYER 6.8UH,TDK Inductor Power Shielded Wirewound,SMD TDK Inductor,TDK Magnetic Components...

TDK Authorized Distributor for Multi layer Chip Capacitor | Circuit Ocean Int Co. Size 1206,1210,1812,2220

Circuit Ocean Int' is Authorized Distributor of TDK in Hongkong and Southern China. We carry TDK full line TDK Capacitors,TDK ferrite beads,TDK Inductor, We keep 2 million us$ MLCC regular stock in our Shenzhen longgang warehouse. In South China Area we have subsidiary - "Shenzhen Lihai Electronic Company",TDK MULTILAYER CERAMIC CHIP CAPACITORS,TDK C4532 Series Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC,Chip capacitor / multilayer / ceramic / SMD - TDK,TDK SMD Capacitor 10uf (10.000nf) 6.3v Size 0603 X5r ,CGA Series MLCC Capacitors