February 18, 2017

Tantalum and aluminum capacitor performance comparison patch

  KEMET agent that tantalum capacitor SMD tantalum capacitors The performance ratio of aluminum capacitors, because SMD tantalum capacitors Five oxidation medium is generated for the anodic oxidation of two dielectric of tantalum, its ability (usually said to be higher than three epsilon) oxidation of aluminum two aluminum capacitor medium. Therefore, in the same capacity situation, tantalum capacitors The volume ratio Aluminum capacitor Smaller. (depends on the capacitance of the electrolytic capacitor on the dielectric capacity and volume under the condition of certain capacity, dielectric capacity is high, the volume can be made smaller, on the contrary, the volume requires the bigger) coupled with the nature of tantalum is relatively stable, it is commonly believed that tantalum capacitors Good performance than aluminum capacitor.
    But this depends on the method to determine the capacitance of anode has become obsolete, the present key decision is not the performance of electrolytic capacitor anode, but also is the cathode electrolyte. Because of the different cathode and different anode can be combined into different types Electrolytic capacitor Its performance is not the same. The same kind of capacitor anode electrolyte because of different properties can differ greatly in short for anode capacitance performance is far less than the cathode.
    There is a perception that tantalum capacitors than Aluminum capacitor Good performance, mainly because of tantalum and manganese dioxide cathode cheer after significantly better than the performance of aluminum electrolyte capacitor. If the replacement of the cathode aluminum electrolyte capacitor for manganese dioxide, it can also enhance the performance.
    To be sure, ESR Is one of the main parameters to measure a capacitance characteristics.However, the capacitance of ESR should be avoided as low as possible, the higher the better quality and other errors. The measure of a product, must be comprehensive and multi angle to consider, must not exaggerate the role of capacitance naturally or half unconsciously.
    The general structure of the electrolytic capacitor is the anode and cathode and electrolyte, anode passivation is aluminum, the cathode is pure aluminum, so the key is in the anode and electrolyte. The quality of the relationship between the anode pressure dielectric coefficient.
    General, tantalum electrolytic capacitor ESR than the equivalent capacity of the same voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor is much smaller, better performance in high frequency. If the Capacitance Is used in the filter circuit (such as the center for 50Hz a band pass filter) words, pay attention to the capacity changes on the performance of the filter (band…) effect.
So in order to improve the quality of the products Whether the use of tantalum capacitors instead of aluminum capacitor? 

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