February 18, 2017

The performance analysis of SMD tantalum capacitors

 The capacitor is two conductors sandwiched between an insulator elements, like hamburgers.Capacitor is one of the most basic and most important components in electronic equipment. The capacitance of the total global production of electronic components ( and its products SMD tantalum capacitors , resistor, inductor) in more than 40%. Basically all the electronic equipment, small flash disk, digital camera, the space shuttle rocket, it can be seen. As one of the most basic pieces of electronic components, capacitor for electronic devices like food for people as necessary.

    It is a small capacitor fully reflect the national industrial technology capability, especially high-grade capacitor is represented by its precision machining, chemical, material, the level of basic research. Japan and the United States are the two countries of the strongest capacitor design, design of the high-end product manufacturing requirements is even less than CPU!
    The often heard "a graphics card with XXX on all solid capacitor manufacturers" slogan, the visible capacitance is equally important for graphics is a part of. The capacitance graphics filter, coupling, decoupling, charge and discharge etc.. The filter capacitor is the energy storage element, the voltage changes into the current changes, prevent various pulse interference, purify waveform. Just like water dispenser to filter out impurities in tap water, the water flow out of pure .
Specifically, \ capacitance SMD tantalum capacitors The general purpose are as follows:
    1 time: with the use of capacitors and resistors, determine the time constant of the circuit.
    2: system of tuning tuning circuit and frequency dependent, such as mobile phone, radio and tv.
    3 rectification: at a predetermined time to open or close the semiconductor switching element.
    4 storage: store electricity, for you must release. For example, a camera flash heating equipment, UPS and so on.
    5: DC DC blocking role is to prevent by and let the exchange through the.
    6 bypass (decoupling): to provide a low impedance path for some parallel AC circuit components.
    7: as the coupling between the two circuit connection, allowing the AC signal and transmitted to the circuit by the next level
    8: this filter to board computer accessories is essential, capacitance on graphics cards are the basic role.
    9 temperature compensation effect of adaptive temperature on other elements is not enough, and compensation, improve the stability of the circuit.

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